Wealth Planning

“Putting the Pieces Together”

At Hall & Burns Wealth Management, our planning process is client centric.  While other professionals see clients as “accumulators” or “distributors” of wealth, we understand that you are an individual with your own goals and priorities.  Identifying and prioritizing what matters most to you is all part of building trust — our understanding of your needs informs everything we do on your behalf.

We take a comprehensive, financial planning-led approach to investment management.  We consider your needs and objectives, goals, lifestyle, and life phase in order to create a plan that is custom-built for you.  As part of our personalized process, we’ll work with you to address all aspects of your financial life, from investment management, tax minimization strategies, risk management, estate planning, and retirement.

We anticipate issues proactively, strategize for best results, and above all are ever present and committed to your success.  Today’s market complexity and volatility demand specialized attention, with a holistic approach to wealth management.  We provide the intellectual capital and resources needed to offer a truly dynamic approach to your investment objectives.

We believe it is unsatisfactory to simply prepare a written plan, deliver it to the client and then let it sit idle, becoming out of date and possibly irrelevant.  To address this issue, we provide all of our clients with access to the Hall & Burns Wealth Management System.  Our Wealth Management System supports our advisory process by providing a powerful engine capable of generating comprehensive financial planning analytics, calculating cash flow projections and modeling “what-if” scenarios.  Every night, our system automatically updates your balances to reflect the values provided by your financial institutions.  Your updated assets are integrated into various reports so that you can monitor their progress in relation to your overall financial objectives.  This interactive, collaborative approach focuses the team on your financial future.

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