Executive Planning

“Helping Executives Make Wise Financial Decisions”

Executives face many unique challenges when managing their personal financial plans.  If you are fortunate enough to be an executive with equity compensation, you may have many opportunities available.  Our team has extensive experience in helping corporate executives navigate the complexities of their compensation plan and fully understand the legal, tax, and financial implications of their decisions.  

Our Equity Compensation Analysis is designed to facilitate timely and prudent decisions for exercising, selling or gifting various equity awards while minimizing taxes and risk.  In addition to providing an in-depth look at the value, leverage and risk of an individual’s equity compensation position, we can also analyze multiple “what-if” scenarios to determine how changing specific variables can affect risk/reward trade-offs.  

As time goes on, you will need to make a series of decisions such as when to exercise your vested options, whether to diversify any held shares, and how to best coordinate the timing of your plans.  We have the capabilities to help you understand how your decisions will impact your taxes, cash-flow, and overall investment risk.  Let us help you establish a framework for making informed decisions about your equity compensation.